people outside houses of parliament hold up solar panels with 'don't steal our sunshine' written on them. A large orange ball floats above them.

Our campaign to demand a fair price for solar.



white middle aged man stands on bridge overlooking a river

Making local renewables work for local people in north Wales.


graphic reads 'lighten up: the LED campaign'. text is against starry sky with streetlights.

Badgering local councils to switch to low carbon LED street lamps.


image of solar farm on ex-golf course in Japan

Our one stop shop for inspiring stories of action on climate change.
2012 - 2017

young woman uses app on phone as older woman looks on

A rooftop adventure for solar treasure hunters
2016 - 2017

mural of prince - photo by Oliver Ruskin

Honouring Prince by raising money for solar panels.


three asian men look over counter in community centre. they each have a mug of tea

Powering up Greater Manchester's community buildings with crowdfunded solar power.

children in school uniform play football in front of solar panels

Helping to fund as many local energy projects as possible before government cuts derailed their plans.

older white woman in stripy t-shirt sits on edge of weir

When the government tried to cut support for renewables, we didn't let it go down without a fight.

young girl in purple coat sweeps snow off solar panels.

Helping the 'fracking village' go solar with community energy.

children in yellow school uniforms hold solar panels sign and cheer

Putting crowdfunded clean energy in Britain's classrooms.
2011 - 2016

street party in sunshine

Campaigning to change the clocks for lighter, lower carbon evenings.
2010 - 2012

a crowd of people stand behind a metal sign reading 10:10

Getting everyone to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.
2009 - 2010