The Campaign

In 2018, we badgering our local councils to switch their old street lights to something more efficient.

LED street lights can save councils thousands of pounds and cut loads of carbon emissions too.

1,500 Possible supporters emailed their councillors. That totted up to 287 councils all being asked to crack on and make the switch to LED street lighting. And some of them got a whole bunch of messages!

Thanks to our supporters persuasion and persistence, ten of these councils agreed to switch completely in the following five years! From Kirklees to Islington, Wirral to Portsmouth, thousands more street lights will be switched to LED. That shakes out to over 1.5m tonnes of carbon saved every year.

LED street lights are just one part of Possible’s mission to speed up action on climate change. Whether it’s our world-leading Solar Schools campaign, research to build solar powered railways, or fighting the ban on onshore wind, everything we do is about inspiring more people to take more action on climate change.