street party in sunshine

Lighter Later

Our campaign to change the clocks for lighter, lower carbon evenings

2010 - 2012

Everyone loves the sunshine. But each year we sleep through hundreds of hours of morning daylight, and use energy-hungry electric lighting through the evening.

 Our Lighter Later campaign aimed to move the clocks forward by one hour throughout the year, so we spend more time awake when the sun is out. Research shows that the change would have big benefits for everything from road safety to amateur sport, as well as saving loads us of energy.

The campaign

two people deliver letters in yellow boxes to BIS. Boxes read 'i support the daylight saving bill'

We united over 40,000 people and a coalition of 90 organisations to support the Daylight Saving Bill, a change to the law which would have made lighter evenings possible.

But after two years of campaigning (2010-2012), it was 'talked out' of parliament by a small group of hostile MPs, who used time-wasting tactics to stop it ever going to a vote.

Although we're not working on this project anymore, many of our old coalition partners like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, have kept up the pressure for change.


Custom emails sent to MPs


Phone calls made to MPs


National newspaper endorsements

The campaign was superb and did not deserve that final disgraceful treatment in parliament. Thank for your huge efforts and for giving so many of us hope.
— email from a supporter