Swapping cars for public transport and active travel, planes for trains - and electrifying everything.

Travel is responsible for about 40% of our emissions in the UK - and that’s before you factor in shipping and aviation. Plus, it’s on the rise. Travel isn't just a problem on the carbon front either: our urban areas are shrouded with toxic air; the millions of hours we spend stuck in traffic jams taking its toll on our physical and mental health.

Imagine liveable neighbourhoods we can walk and cycle around, with trees and swings standing where empty cars once stood. Think world class and affordable (even free...) public transport everywhere, not just London. Think more flexible working so we can cut down on commutes altogether, and be empowered to swap planes for trains on our summer holidays. And think replacing ownership with sharing services where electric cars, e-bikes and scooters are used as efficiently and cleverly as possible.