This year has seen the UK waking up to the realities of the climate emergency. Now we need a climate election to turn this climate moment into a climate mandate. The world’s first televised leaders climate and nature debate could be the key that unlocks it.

Thousands of us have taken to the streets to demand climate action as part of the school strikes and other protests, and behind the scenes more and more people are making positive changes in their daily lives. Our political leaders have been slower to respond, but with over half of the public saying that issues surrounding climate change will affect how they vote, that has to change.

We need this election to be a springboard for transformational change. It’s time for politicians to tell us how they’re going to make it happen, and the upcoming general election provides a great opportunity for them to do just that. 

That’s why, alongside the UK Student Climate Network (they organised the school strikes!), we’re campaigning for a national, televised debate on climate change and nature with leaders from all major parties involved. 

Working in coalition with other groups both inside and outside to the environmental movement, we are demanding that party leaders participate and that major TV broadcasters to agree to host it.