Breaking the climate silence, and empowering everyone to understand the crisis we face.

Climate change is an increasingly hot topic, but it is still too often allowed to hide out of sight in specialist areas of activism, science and policy.

Put simply, not talking about climate change makes its easier for us all to ignore. Climate impacts become easier to brush off as just an isolated patch of bad weather. We’re less aware of the actions we can take. We’re all left less prepared emotionally. And it means we’re not demanding the solutions we need from  the people who could help change things - whether that's politicians, businesses, or family and friends.

We can start by just chatting. It’s as simple as that. We also need to build better systems for talking about climate change - fund great journalism, support diverse and exciting new voices, experiment with projects like citizens assemblies - and challenge systems that get in the way of a decent public debate on the crisis.