Inspiring stories of heat - our beautifully illustrated new book


As we tackle the climate crisis, working out how we’ll heat and cool ourselves sustainably is a particularly thorny challenge.

But low carbon ways forward do exist, and we want to spread the word. We’ve gathered stories of some low carbon ways forward and brought them to life with magical storytelling and stunning illustrations.

Meet the US scientists inspired by astronauts to create clothing that adapts to the body’s temperature. Dig into the story of the former coal village in south Wales now using the mines for clean heating. Take a dip in a swimming pool to explore the pitfalls of designing policy to encourage low carbon heating. 

There’s much more besides. The stories are told by climate journalist Sophie Yeo and brought to life with beautiful illustrations by artists from around the world.


The book shows how much is already being done in battling climate change - and the inspirational potential for more. Faced with the huge challenge ahead, using art and storytelling to celebrate the options available to us is essential to keep us motivated.

But the book also explores the many challenges before us, and the decisions we must make, not only to make the low carbon world a reality, but to make sure it works for everyone. 

We launched the book in London in July. We launch a digital copy later in the year.

This article was originally posted on 4th July 2019.

Skye Golding