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The upcoming election is a crucial chance to put pressure on politicians to get serious about tackling the climate and nature crises. That’s why Possible and school strike organisers UKSCN are coordinating a coalition of organisations calling on party leaders to take part in a televised debate on climate change and nature. We believe this is a huge opportunity to hold politicians to account and ensure that climate change and wider ecological breakdown is a key issue in this election, as it needs to be.

Why do we need a televised debate on climate and nature solutions in this election?

  1. No other issue has seen the unprecedented rise in concern that climate change and ecological breakdown has - with a record 85% of British people now concerned about the climate crisis. Without special measures short-term political chaos could drown it out and deny it the hearing it deserves.

  2. Ecological breakdown is a unique, all-encompassing issue with a non-negotiable timeline. Our ability to prevent worst case outcomes extends only over a handful of remaining electoral cycles. This is not an issue we can return to when politicians decide they’re ready.

  3. The crisis has been historically ignored. If public information and democratic engagement had been properly served in previous election cycles we would likely not now face such pressing and urgent choices. To redress this deficit and deal with its consequences requires affirmative action.

Why are you asking other organisations to support the campaign?

It’s crucial to demonstrate the widest possible support for action on climate change and nature, and to show that this would have widespread social and economic benefits. That’s why we’re building a cross-sector coalition of civil society groups, businesses, unions and more. It will affect every aspect of life and society, so we want everyone on board with this to build pressure on leaders they can’t ignore. 

What are you asking other organisations to do?

In order to support the campaign officially we’re asking organisations to sign a short public statement of support, and be added to the list of supporting groups. This would include your permission for us to use the organisation’s name in relevant press releases, as public supporters.

Organisations can take further actions to support the campaign, including sharing the public petition through their channels or networks and encouraging member organisations to join the campaign. On your right you will find all the resources you need to participate. Please ensure you read the campaign principles in the toolkit thoroughly before taking action. And we’d love to speak to you if you have any questions or a specific offer of help in mind.

Can we support this and remain non-partisan?

This campaign is explicitly non-party political and will not call for any specific policies that may or may not be associated with any party running for office. The campaign will at no point encourage people to vote for any particular party or provide advice on voting preferences.  On the contrary, this is an explicitly cross-party campaign that will invite leaders of multiple parties to participate, in line with electoral fairness rules and previous leaders debate panels, with the objective of providing as much information as possible for voters to make up their own minds.

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