The climate crisis is at the core of everything we do at Possible. We believe climate change is:

  • Bad. 

  • Caused by us.

  • Already happening, and already hurting people. This includes people in the UK, although it’s really those in countries least responsible that are bearing the brunt. This is not a problem that happens only in the future. It’s here, now. 

  • Currently on course to get much, much worse, though crucially this is not inevitable and within our collective control.

  • A challenge that requires transformative, radical and rapid action, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

  • Not a pass or fail issue. As Kate Marvel puts it, “climate change isn't a cliff we fall off, but a slope we slide down”. Indeed, the word climate comes from the Greek for slope. So although we’ve already caused almost a degree Celsius of climate change, there is still so much more to keep fighting for. 

  • Something we should and can take action on. What’s more, tackling climate change will help us improve a whole host of other problems. Most climate action can improve lives today in other ways too. 

  • A problem that we’ll have to both mitigate and adapt to. This means we have to combine preventing much more warming from happening whilst also protecting people from the climate change we’ve already caused.

Image: Quarry Photography

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